Virtual folliculoscopy

Hormonal stimulation of women with normal ovarian function causes the simultaneous growth of several follicles (small fluid-filled sacs, in which oocytes develop and mature). However, some follicles only contain fluid, without an oocyte. This risk is worrisome in women who develop few follicles (1-3) since, sometimes, no oocyte is obtained by follicular aspiration.

To avoid this situation, and save patients unnecessary expenses related to the intervention and general anesthesia, Dr. Jan Tesarik with his collaborators from the MAR&Gen clinic have developed the virtual sonographic folliculoscopy technique. This technique applies the same technology as that previously used for virtual sonographic hysteroscopy, but instead of the uterine cavity, the interior of the ovarian follicles is analyzed. As in virtual hysteroscopy, the recordings used for virtual folliculoscopy are obtained in a completely non-invasive manner, from the vagina. The decision as to the suitability of subsequent ovarian puncture can then be made knowing the number of oocyte that could eventually be obtained.

Molecular Assisted Reproduction and Genetics

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