Sperm Analysis

Sperm Analysis

There is a wide range of spermatic proofs that can help us to understand why a couple is suffering from infertility.

Ejaculate analysis is divided into three parts:

  • Macroscopic exam: liquefaction time, colour, volume, viscosity and pH.
  • Microscopic exam: concentration, motility, viability, nuclear development, agglutination, morphology and MAR test.
  • Functional exam: Hypo-osmotic swelling test (HOS test), REM Training Test, Survival Test, sperm DNA fragmentation.

If any other spermatic alteration is suspected, there are other complementary proofs such as:

Biochemical analysis.

  • Prostate function markers: citrid acid, zinc, acid phosphatase.
  • Seminal vesicle markers: fructose and prostaglandins, alkaline phosphatase.
  • Epididymis markers: free L-Carnitine, glycerol phosphatidylcholine, alpha-glucosidase, maltase.

Hormonal analysis.

  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH): germinal epithelium function.
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH): testicular interstice and Leydig cells function.
  • Testosterone: testicular endocrine function.

Germ immature cells identification.
Spermatocyte, type.I and II.
Round and long spermatids.

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