Reception of partner’s oocytes for lesbian couples

Reception of partner’s oocytes for lesbian couples

This program is available for couples formed by 2 women and involves recovery of oocytes from one of them to be fertilized with donor sperm in vitro. The resulting embryos are subsequently to the uterus of the other woman. Thus, both women actively participate in embryo creation and birth.

This is a kind of “shared motherhood” in which one woman is the biological mother (which brings eggs) and the other the pregnant mother (who becomes pregnant and gives birth).

Until recently, lesbian couples only could have recourse to the use of donor sperm insemination or IVF, making the most recommended technique for your particular case as insemination or IVF, with embryo transfer to the same woman from which oocytes have been recovered.

Currently, the 2005 law regulating homosexual marriage opens the new possibility allowing a woman to get pregnant with her partner’s oocytes. The only requirement is the certificate of marriage.

This method is not new since the procedure is exactly as described in assisted reproduction with donor oocytes (oocyte donation). Both women have to be treated in in synchrony. One is treated to stimulate her ovaries in order to obtain a good quality oocytes, and the other is treated in a way to prepare endometrium to receive the embryos. Any asynchrony between the two processes has to be avoided by means of repeated hormonal and ultrasound controls performed in both women.

The chances of pregnancy depend mainly on the age and ovarian reserve of that woman of the couple whose oocytes are used. Thus a comprehensive examination of both partners is important the advise the couple about the best treatment strategy.

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