Who we are

Who we are

MAR&Gen was created in 1992 in exclusive for the treatment and research of assisted human reproduction. It is licensed and approved by the Ministry of Health, Junta de Andalucía, being listed on the national register of centres of reproduction authorized by the Ministry of Health and Consumption.

Our expertise in the field of assisted reproduction was initiated in 1982, laying down different research programmes in order to try to clarify the various problems of female and male infertility.

It is comprised of 14 professionals with extensive knowledge of everything related to assisted reproduction, using current state-of-the-art techniques treatments making MARGEN a centre of reference at both a national and an international level for its high quality and professionalism.

The clinical MARGEN boasts a comfortable and complete structure that allows the realization of the process of assisted reproduction, thus creating a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere to try to diminish the possible stress generated during these types of treatments.

It has two secretariats, national and international, which duly report in Spanish, French, Italian and English to all patients who wish it to.

It has 2 fully equipped consultation rooms and 3 offices.

It also has an area with an operating room, pre-theatre and biological laboratory attached to avoid the long displacement and temperature changes, harmful to the gametes and embryos.

The Biological Laboratory is compartmentalized into three zones: Embryology (laminar flow campaigns, microscopes invested with micromanipulators and stoves of culture), Espermiologia (laminar flow hood, optical microscope, binocular magnifying glass, stove and centrifugal) and Cryopreservation of gametes (sperm and embryo storage containers, criocongelador of cells).

A Hospitalization area with 5 rooms that have independent and themed bathrooms conveniently to make patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

There is a zone for the collection of the semen samples, which is totally isolated from the rest of the facilities and that is equipped with a bibliography and range of videos for patients that require these facilities in order to aid semen collection.

The clinical laboratory offers a wide range of biochemical and immunological techniques that removethe patientsneed to travel to any other Analysis Centre.  In addition all the analytical determinations are made using the most advanced precise and rapidtechniques that exist today.

There is also an office with a sampling area, a toilet, a secretary and waiting room independent to the clinical area.

The medical records file area is adhered to by the rules of the Data Protection Act. An alarm system is continuously connected, with three external street cameras,in order to ensure total control of the security at the clinic.

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